Making Movies in New York

Making Movies in New York


There’s a big thing happening in the city

B King is leaving a lasting impression

Bob Dylan is playing the harmonica

Someone is calling my name, in my brain

Telling me I need an orchestra


I need a job

Trying too hard to find one

Journalism, freelance, looking for another headline

To give someone another fix,

An ego massage


Looking for a recording studio

Got a repertoire of songs records to cut

But no one to listen to


I can’t make any sense

Of what I look at

I can’t find a home anywhere

Just part of the furniture

Going nowhere I need to rest


They want what is on the record

That’s why they buy the tickets


The Old Grey Whistle Test

Suddenly found myself in an avalanche of activity

A million dollars did just nicely

Channelled along just on a whim of an experience

Felt like Hendrix but something went wrong


There’s a price to pay that I cannot afford

Yeah it’s a great sound everyone says so

But no time to get any better at this

Compromising my intellect like an actor

Just with the same old script

No time to write a new line

Just a figure of speech

Like a figure of fun without a dime


I’m just making movies in New York

With a love song so many sung

Who cannot tune in with you

Cause one of us is in the wrong key


Colours of the rainbow just like my Romeo

Something has just got to happen

Somehow something real

Taking down the dictation

Doing best I can feeling still like a small town guy?

Where everything seems so surreal


I grew up in a village

Had never before been on a roller coaster

Just sandy beaches were enough for me

Trying now to tie it all together


Influences to who I am


What have I become

I won’t walk away this time

Resting one hand on the wall

Writing a ditty note

Trying to hard again

Arrogance and pride always comes before a fall


I found the connection when not looking for it

Picked up another award I’m bound

Make one there and you’re off the ground

But nothing reflects and nothing connects

With the journey I’m writing of


So I do it in animation

Mist settling on the mountains

Everything below corrodes

Even iron will rust and goes back to dust

Longing for love in place of lustreless lust


It’s just an Air to sing of two lost kin

Trapped in a tower of suffering

Everyone dies and the answer is not found in the skies

Stars shine on everyone the same

Every song has a name

Every one for an occasion

Life, death or just a party

Maybe a wedding celebration


I wrote a classic on a kitchen table

I played it on two strings

On an old guitar I bought for couple of quid

A price an obscure observer might pay

For a coffee in a posh restaurant


I see you in my dreams

Still sitting there waiting for my benefit

Back on the road stages are all around

Everywhere I go, like a circus without the chorus

Just a screaming crowd


Their manageable levels fit neatly into place

Into shape the mirror works this time

Your soul reflected in mine

This our last goodbye

Yet you say you never knew

You never heard a single word

This is the last word goodbye


You have come back again

Resurrected in an hospital bed

Let’s look out together through the open windows

It’s bright and sunny outside


I mention when I’m old

I’ll do it in a rocking chair

And do it for money

Feeling the change, maybe sing a ballad

But that was not why I came back


Just for now I’ll buy a T-Shirt

With a logo motif written on it

Across the front like a headline

“Stay on the run”

Just steeling your time

I need no money

I got mine

I’m leaving you empty this time


We go our separate ways

Like a captain on a ship

I steer my crew home

With pride taking every one of us back

Like it used to be in old pictures


I wave goodbye it’s better than nothing

I just tried to make my dreams come true

And when they do you can come too

We are friends until the end, then

We kiss still hoping we will meet again

As you close your eyes forever Amen!

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